Friday, October 18, 2013

oct  18  2013      

                           by Pastor Ostine Paul, India
2 Kings 8:7
"..Give back everything that belonged to her including all the income from her land the day she left the country until now".

Woman at Shunamite obeyed as the man of God Elisha said and proceeded to Philistines for seven years in order to overcome the famine at her own land. But when she came back, the king gave her belongings as well as the income for seven years of her absence. WHAT A BLESSING AND RESTORATION.

Those who obey the Word of God, will be blessed like this, get back what belongs to you and blessed with what you have lost once, without working for that.

Our dear Lord, let your name be glorified for ever. Thank you for keeping us well and safe. You are great and mighty and we acknowledge your blessings upon our life. We believer your promises in our which are true. We believe that they shall come to pass in our life in the days to come. Lord, we are seeking a restoration in our life, family, possession and income. We pray for a double portion. You said, you will make us the head and not the tail and we will be always be at the top and never be at the bottom, we will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. God, we trust in you and believe these promises to come to pass in our life. Lord, open the heaven, the storehouse of your bounty and send rain on us in season and bless all the works of our hand. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for hearing us. Thank you for sending your reply. We submit all our supplication in Jesus name. Amen.

May the good God bless you a thousand fold.

Pastor Ostine

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